Our Services

At ZK Film Production, we strive to create the moments and the capture them for you. With a full array of video and production services, including 4K, 2K, and 1080P video production, editing, directing, as well as photography. We provide services for a range of different events and formats.

  Corporate – We can provide video production services for corporate events and situations. We can create professional and successful videos and photos that will convey on what you need to say. When it comes to a multimedia project, we can provide our services for a successful outcome. We provide video, photography, editing, and directing to create an informative, yet interesting project.

Short Films – Not only are we well qualified in video production, but here at ZK Film Production, we’re storytellers at heart. We want to help you create the story in your mind, build it and reveal it to the world. With our qualified cinematographers, we can help you create something incredible.

  Live Streaming – We have much experience when it comes to live streaming content, whether it comes to sports, special events, video gaming, and many more. With high definition video and quality camera work, we can make your viewers feel as if they are there too. With an engaging directorial sense and keen eye, we can capture the most exciting moments. We work closely with our clients, so whatever you need/want just tell us and we’ll make it happen.

  360 and virtual reality – The future is here, and with ZK Film Production, is mind-blowing and accessible than ever before. Using the latest in video technology, we can create 360 and VR content for you. Impress your viewers by showcasing your creativity in a futuristic and imaginative way. Your viewers will feel more immersed than ever before, as the live in the world you have created.

Please feel free to check out our portfolio to see what we can do for you!